Frequently Asked Questions


What is the M Duathlon Virtual series?

We understand the desire for multisport athletes to maintain your fitness during challenging times like these and have created a unique first ever blend of neo virtual & virtual duathlon events developed for athletes by athletes.

What is a Duathlon?

An event where participants are required to complete 2 disciplines of sport. In this case, the format has been set as a Run > Bike > Run format.

What’s the difference between Virtual vs Neo Virtual categories?

Virtual - Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Neo Virtual - Anyone, Anytime, Preset Course by Organizer *Do check the location of the course to ensure that you’re able to meet the requirements of the event before registration.

Who is eligible to enter the M Duathlon event?

All Malaysians and non-Malaysians above the age of 18 who are currently residing in Malaysia may participate.

Is the event competitive?

M Duathlon is a timed non competitive event. Participants are allowed to break down the 3 disciplines into multiple attempts to complete the event. However, there will be some social media contests where attractive prizes are offered.

What happens if it rains / I’ve meetings / put your excuse here ‘.......’ ?

Not to worry, as the beauty of a virtual event is where participants have the option to choose when to complete it as long as it is between the event start and end dates.

Will the event be affected by COVID -19?

The event is currently not affected by Covid-19 as the event doesn’t require participants to congregate together and you’re able to do the attempt at your own convenience. Should the circumstances change, the Organizer will update the changes via its website and social media channels. In accordance with new regulations under CMCO, do note that the Neo Virtual category is currently only catered to participants residing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Putrajaya for now, however, the Virtual category is available for all participants residing in Malaysia.
You can find more information on the links below : COVID-19 SOPs in Malaysia Travelling Restrictions


Can I transfer / defer my entry if I’m not able to participate after I register?

All entries are non-transferable and non-deferrable.

Can I make changes to my personal particulars after confirmation of my registration?

Yes, you can make minor changes to your personal particulars by logging in to your account on the registration site. However, please note that names of participants, IC numbers and apparel sizes are final once registered and changes may not be made.

What do I have to do?

1. Register for the category that you’re interested in 2. Complete the course(neo virtual category) / distance(virtual category) at a time of your convenience 3. Submit your results


How do I submit my results?

Follow the link and instructions in your confirmation email. Do note the requirements below :

  • Screenshot / Photo from your running/cycling app must indicate the user ID, route map, sport, date & time of attempt, distance and timing of attempt.
  • The settings for the running/cycling app must be set to publicly viewable and the activity link must also be submitted during any result submission.

Can I submit multiple result submissions?

Accumulative Result - You can submit multiple results to accumulate the required distance or complete the course. Result updating - You can resubmit updated results and have the leaderboard reflect your latest submission.

What if I don’t have a Sports watch or Running/Cycling app?

You can download a running/cycling app on your smartphone. Just ensure that the Auto-Pause function is turned on. Submission of results will be via screenshot/photo of running/cycling apps by the registered participant only. Compulsory submission of results must clearly indicate the user ID, route map, sport, date & time of attempt, distance and timing of attempt in the screenshot/photo. Screenshot / Photo of treadmill data is accepted for Virtual category participants.