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Please read these Event Rules carefully before participating in this scheduled M-Duathlon non-competitive event and related activities (collectively, the “Event”) and other activities. In consideration of the services of Multisport People PLT. (“Organizer”) in allowing me to participate in the Event, I acknowledge and agree to comply with the following Event Rules.

  • Successful registration for the Event is only confirmed upon: i) true and accurate completion of the online registration process for the Event; (ii) signing of the Participant Assumption of Risks, Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement; and (iii) payment in full of registration fees for the Event.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to the Event at its sole discretion and without assigning any reason.

  • Participants are strictly prohibited (not allowed) from transferring their entries for the Event.

  • All participants must be 18 years of age as of 31st December 2020 to be eligible to participate in the Event.

  • Participants must have their own liability insurance coverage for the duration of the Event,  either a group policy or a personal policy.

  • Certain categories of the event will require participants to complete a preset course located at a specific geographical location. Kindly please check and ensure that you are able to meet the requirements of the event prior to registration.

  • Neo Virtual categories will require participants to run and cycle on a preset course set by the Organizer, the roads will not be closed and there will be live traffic. Participants are required to obey all traffic regulations and signages. Each participant is considered to be on their personal ride or run. The Organizer will not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the duration of the event.

  • Participants are advised to turn on the Auto-Pause function on their running/cycling app so that timings are paused when traffic regulations require the participant to stop.

  • Submission of results will be via screenshot/photo of running/cycling apps by the registered participant only. Compulsory submission of results must clearly indicate the user ID, route map, sport, date & time of attempt, distance and timing of attempt in the screenshot/photo.

  • Submission of results for Virtual category via screenshot/photo of treadmill data is also accepted.

  • The settings for the running/cycling app must be set to publicly viewable and the activity link must also be submitted during any result submission. 

  • Re-submission of results is allowed, the previous submission must first be deleted before it can be replaced. Attempts done before or after the event duration will not be accepted.

  • Submission of results will end on the final day of the event result submission date and any results submitted in the system will be considered final. No re-submission or exchange of submissions will be allowed after the due date.

  • Combined cycle and runs timings are not accepted, each activity must be timed individually. The total time used for result calculation will be a cumulative of the 3 activities submitted. 

  • Activities are allowed to be broken down into multiple shorter distances to achieve the required distance or complete the course, in this instance, the participant must resume from the same location that they stopped during the previous attempt.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to publish the following list on the Website; which may be viewable by the public.

    • Participants who completed the event

    • Participants who are disqualified

    • Participants who do not complete the event

    • Participants who do not submit results 

    • Participants activity link

  • Participants’ T-shirt size is strictly based on the size selected by the participant during registration, any request of size change will not be entertained.

  • Participant Event Pack will be delivered 30 days after the end of the event. All postage fee or courier charges will apply (within Malaysia)(International courier charges or taxes will be borne by the participant).

  • If there is a return of parcel for whatever reason; upon request, the organizers will arrange to resend the parcel but the additional delivery charges will be borne by the participant.

  • Participant Event Packs or Prizes which may include cash vouchers or e-vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and is valid within the stipulated time frame as stated in the terms and conditions in each individual voucher.

  • Any participant Event Pack or Prizes not redeemed or undeliverable within one(1) month from the date of the Notification Letter may be forfeited, withdrawn or given to a reserved winner at the sole and absolute discretion of the Organizer.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to amend these Event Rules at its sole discretion. If there is ambiguity in any of these provisions, the Organizer shall be the authority to interpret and in doing so will take into account the interests of all the affected parties.


  • This contest is open to everyone within & outside of Malaysia.

  • There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.

  • Closing date for entry will be 31 December 2020, no further entries will be accepted after the cut off date.

  • The Organizer shall not be responsible for entries not received for whatever reason.

  • Winner will be selected based on Highest SHARES & ENGAGEMENTS, as seen on M-Duathlon Facebook page, at the end of contest period with the stipulated criteria.

    • M-Duathlon logo must be part of the photo

    • Include #mduathlon in your caption

  • Participants are allowed to submit as many posts as they like.

  • The winner will be notified by email and/or DM on Facebook and/or letter within 28 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or if the prize is not claimed within 14 days of notification, the Organizer reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to publish the following list on the Website and on Social Media platforms; which may be viewable by the public.

    • Participants Name

    • Participants images and photos

  • The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition if circumstances requires such action.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to amend these Social Media Contest Rules at its sole discretion. If there is ambiguity in any of these provisions, the Organizer shall be the authority to interpret and in doing so will take into account the interests of all the affected parties.

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